Content Production

A content creation social media marketing project for Newport Beach Automotive Group

Together with Newport Beach Automotive Group, LSX led on communications and marketing to launch the #TagYourFriend campaign. With one hashtag LSX launched a multifaceted initiative to boost engagement, support the launch of two new Lamborghini models to reach a younger audience, and highlighted the Newport Beach Automotive Group team. Not only did these hashtags connect the viral video campaign of this project, but both customers and Newport Beach Automotive Group employees posted with the tag to organically “tag” each other and drive a digital conversation around the Lamborghini EVO.

Lamborghini: #TagYourFriend

Join Lamborghini Newport Beach for one epic game of tag. In this LSX produced clip, watercooler talk escalates to the open road as employees of NBAG race one another in the new V-10 powered Lamborghini Huracán EVO. This clip was produced exclusively for Lamborghini Newport Beach to leverage Instagram’s then new video capabilities to help them reach viral status and speak to a younger clientele.

Lamborghini: Amber

Meet Amber Blonigan as she test drives the Lamborghini Huracàn EVO Spyder for Lamborghini Newport Beach. Blonigan knows cars—she’s the founder of Gi Automotive Group and has been featured on Netflix’s Fastest Car. LSX tapped Amber for this social media native video to speak as an authority on the Huracàn EVO Spyder and to appeal to Lamborghini Newport Beach’s female clientele.

Christmas At Newport Beach Lamborghini

In this creative spot, LSX reimagines Santa Claus with a Lamborghini as his toy-filled sleigh. Driven by the tagline “Christmas will not be late this year,” this viral ad plays on the theme of the holidays and the sheer speed of the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

Lamborghini: Evo Inventory

This short and sweet clip lets the Lamborghini Huracán EVO speak for itself. With a car so storied and fast, sometimes the best approach is to simply show it in action. This social media clip was produced to support Lamborghini Newport Beach in showcasing their Huracán EVO inventory while simultaneously engaging with their more digital-minded clientele.

Lamborghini: Urus

Let the Lamborghini Huracán EVO take you on an unexpected journey in this thrilling digital clip produced for Lamborghini Newport Beach by LSX. Buckle up as we push the limits and explore viral storytelling that demands attention and taps into the supercar lifestyle.

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