Sound Bath Experience for Four Seasons Global Wellness Day

On a warm summer afternoon in Beverly Hills, Global Wellness Day at the Four Seasons commenced to celebrate healthy habits and the joy of living well.

On a warm summer afternoon in Beverly Hills, Global Wellness Day at the Four Seasons commenced to celebrate healthy habits and the joy of living well. The day ahead would include various wellness experiences such as yoga, spa treatments, healthy vegan meals, and a signature Altha Hypno-Sound Bath™ experience produced by LSX.

As guests entered the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills lobby, they were escorted up to the scenic helipad at the very top floor of the 16-story building.

Alo Yoga ambassador Josh Kramer led the helipad yoga session where journalists and influencers took in the sprawling views of Los Angeles while participating in an invigorating yoga session.

Following yoga, the guests enjoyed delicious and beautifully plated juices and smoothie bowls from Italian-inspired Culina Caffe.  

To further relax, the Four Seasons Spa hosted mini poolside spa treatments before heading over to enjoy a bespoke lunched hosted by celebrity plant-based chef Matthew Kenney himself. After taking the time to thoroughly savor their delicious vegan meal, the guests made their way to the expansive ballroom for Altha's Hypno-Sound Bath™ experience. W

Upon arrival, guests were greeted by the Altha team, cleansed with palo santo and invited to take their spots. We wanted every guest to feel like they had their own sacred healing space, so each individual spot was adorned with Alo Yoga mats, our favorite Sunday Citizen meditation pillows, warm knit throw blankets, Four Seasons’ luxurious pillows, an adorable Black & Jane sage bundle, and an absolutely divine oil roller from Inara. Nestled next to their healing tools were our custom all-vegan and sustainable Altha gift bags which featured a variety of beauty and wellness products from almost entirely women-owned brands. Each bag included supplement-infused seasoning for immune health & hormone balance from Agni, CBD relief sticks and tinctures from Lure, a beautiful tea set from Vahdam, gorgeous silk Altha branded eye masks from Palms Social, insulated water bottles from Welly, ayurvedic skincare from Sahajan, relaxation supplement powders from Apothekary, chic dry shampoo from Authentic Beauty Concepts, charcoal floss from Terra & Co, anti-aging beauty elixirs from Anima Mundi Herbals, and ultra-hydrating sunscreen from Grown Alchemist.

After exploring the contents of their gift bags, the guests prepared to experience the Altha Hypno-Sound Bath™, a multi sensorial sound experience combined with the transformative power of hypnotherapy.  

The Hypno-Sound Bath™ opened with a presence exercise where guests rubbed the signature calming scent from Inara on their temples and hands before taking in the smell to set the stage for the rest of the healing session. The woody and citrus-infused scent filled the air as guests began to lay back, relax, and enjoy the hypnotherapy session. The hypnosis portion of the sound bath was led by Brice Le Roux as the team of Altha sound healers played the powerful alchemy bowls. Once the hypnosis session was completed, the Altha healers (led by lead healer Letizia Silvestri) took the guests on a melodic sound journey with flutes, hand drums, gongs, singing bowls, rain sticks, Theta drums, shakers, and a variety of chimes.

Once the sound bath had come to a close, Brice invited the guests to return to their surroundings for the final closing meditation. As they reintegrated back into their day, the guests embarked on their afternoon with a new sense of peace, calmness, hope, and tranquility.

The LSX team would love to thank our friends Jennifer Elliott and Lauren Abraham for their attendance as well as our partners Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, Inara, Agni, Palms Social, Black & Jane, Lure, Vahdam, Welly, Sahajan, Apothekary, Authentic Beauty Concept, Terra & Co, Anima Mundi Herbals, and Grown Alchemist for their incredible collaboration on this beautiful event to commemorate all things wellness.