No Events? No Problem!

LSX has you covered.

As we band together in our new normal, we at LSX are examining what it means to not only be in community, but also to cultivate community. Events are warm, intimate experiences centered around people coming together. The beautiful thing here is that this can translate into safe, distanced, and even digital experiences where warmth and the LSX touch are kept together for the enjoyment of all. And it’s in this space of warmth and innovation that we’re re-imagining the next chapter of LSX events.

The LSX experience is a memorable one because we work with our network of passionate brands, creative partners, and influencers to tell a powerful story. As we forge into this new normal, we’re leaning into the magical experiences we can create on social media and with influencer marketing. This takes the story from a one-night-only experience and shares it widely amongst a captive and engaged audience to build buzz over a 3-6 month period. From the very first post, our digital network of models, influencers, and verified accounts will swoop in to share, like, comment, and generate the impressive page views that will rise to the top of Instagram’s algorithm. The boundaries are limited here, as we can launch social media initiatives paired with branded wrapped cars, organically placed products in the hands of stylish influencers, and then back it up with a strong PR outreach to ensure success.

Whether online or off, it’s people that make the LSX experience come to life. Since our founding, we’ve built an impressive and vast network of tastemakers, visionaries, movers, and shakers. Combine this with our reach into our network of cars, talent agencies, and vendors and you can see just how quickly we can make any idea a reality. Just imagine all this network at the ready to launch your brand or new product digitally. Now, picture this led by a sleek digital media influencer campaign, followed by expertly written emails, and supported with authentic content that feels organic. This is the new reality LSX is stepping into and we invite you to come along.

There’s another opportunity here for connection here through creating meaning. Often our events end with gift bags and product kits filled with goodies and essentials. We’re taking this concept up a notch with meaningful corporate gifting packages delivered straight to your clients just because or to mark a virtual event. Think lovingly assembled care packages of branded hand sanitizers, masks, shields, and more. We’re especially excited about our puzzle project, where we sent out fun, colorful, and engaging branded puzzles to our clients and collaborators featuring an image from events we did together: it was very well received and now we offer it as service to anyone who wants to create one while we shelter in place. We’re happy to work with you to design your own exclusive care package or puzzle.  

In this unprecedented time, we are truly excited to pivot back to what truly unites us—community. Join us as we lean into community and step into the future.