Hit The Open Road With LSX Drives

LSX knows cars.

LSX knows cars. Since our founding, we’ve worked alongside the biggest names in luxury vehicles to plan events, experiences, and product launches. From Ferrari to Delage, we’ve dreamed up amazing ideas and brought them into reality. For us, cars unite people. All at once, they are necessary and aspirational. Think about it, you need a car to run your errands, but then switch up the year, model, or make, and it becomes your perfect night-out accessory.

In a time where safety is both a priority and premium, cars present themselves as the perfect venues for socially distanced experiences.

The Rally.

Rallys are an LSX specialty. We plan this experience to be turnkey and flawless from start to finish. Guests receive their own luxury car, a map to the destinations, and a gift bag filled with snacks and walkie-talkies. Everyone then takes to the road in a stunning show of automotive elegance. Behind the scenes, LSX is coordinating, securing locations, and handling logistics. The result is a safely distanced yet warm and fun event that can be tailored around a brand, launch, or even an influencer campaign.

The Drive-in.

The drive-in is a classic tradition for a reason. The combination of movies and cars is timeless and undeniable. The LSX touch takes the drive-in experience up a notch with luxury cars, custom cocktails, and creative locations. For one memorable experience, we partnered with Ferrari to secure cars for each guest and placed them on the rooftop of the former Ace Museum where we built a movie screen. At sundown, guests arrived and were escorted upstairs to their vehicle for the night just in time to watch the movie. This type of event isn’t just fun, it’s now practical considering how each guest will sit safely in a sanitized car (or their own car) while still very much participating in a social experience.

The Scavenger Hunt.

Scavenger Hunts are pure excitement. No matter your age, they transport you right back to childhood. The LSX scavenger hunt takes this formula and adds an elevated twist. Guests are assigned individual luxury cars and given a treasure map. From here, guests depart and find their way to the various stops we’ve set up along the route. The day could start picking up your car at the dealership and then making your way around town for different surprise destinations and driving experiences. Once you’ve made all the stops, pick up an individually packaged lunch, and celebrate making it to the finish line!

We truly believe cars are experiences in and of themselves, so much so that many of our events naturally revolve around them and take place in them. We’re happy to still be able to offer our car experiences and look forward to making them safer and more fun as we think outside the box. We hope you’ll join us on the road.