Delage D12 Avant-Première

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past” wrote F. Scott Fitzgerald in his 1925 novel The Great Gatsby. These words capture the stunning debut of the Delage D12 hypercar precisely. The unveiling was a leap between past and future, thanks to the unique vision created by LSX LLC and the careful panning of Letizia Silvestri.

Guests of two-nights event had the chance to exclusively plunge into this iconic roaring ‘20s atmosphere. This was a time in history that lived under the unmistakable banner of class and style and where the great automotive brand Delage was at the peak of its success—a brand reemerging today into modernity and innovation.

The Delage logo and the iconic colors of the French flag stood out against that black, white, and golden art deco décor. Once inside, guests were greeted by four flappers, clad in elegant white feathers and in glittering paillettes dresses, first to the reception and then to the charming courtyard. Enjoying music spun by DJ Johnny Hawkes, guests could take a gold rimmed champagne glass from the shining tower at the center of the garden. And, sipping bubbly while taking the last fiery sun rays in this atmosphere suspended in time, guests were eager to discover the long-awaited design of the new Delage vehicle.

French songs – performed by Orphee Musique - from 1920 to 1950 rang out across the party, setting the tone.  Everything was carefully planned to celebrate the rebirth of the Delage Automobile. A vintage Delage D8 car served as the centerpiece, catapulting the event into being a pure voyage both to the past and the present—a place where everyone was able to experience the pure history of Delage.

But no party is complete without food and drink. And to celebrate the announcement of the new Delage D12 even these two elements reflected the unique and lighthearted parties of the ‘20s. Behind the elegant marble bar, the experienced Au Bar bartenders dressed in white tuxedos and carefully mixed signature ‘20s cocktails in crystal decanters like Sidecars, French 75s, and Manhattans. The same thing could also be told as well for the dining experience. With a cocktail glass in their hands, guests enjoyed a vast assortment of luxurious hors d’ouvres such with flavors including truffles and foie gras. French legends Ladurée and Lucques served up mixed macarons and chocolate pâte a choux. The atmosphere was so festive that it wouldn’t have been a surprise if Jay Gatsby himself appeared among the guests.

As the sun went down, both entrepreneur and Delage CEO Laurent Tapie and Patrick Delage welcomed guests and prepared to unveil the new hypercar Delage D12, the latest creature carefully brought to life by the Delage designers. Four flappers surrounded the cloth-draped vehicle in a tantalizing feather dance. At the finale, a fifth dancer emerged for the grand performance. With giant feather fans in hand, she teasingly covered the entire car with one swoop. Suddenly, the lights cut out and the music stopped--the cloth drape was gone and the D12 was center stage.

The Delage D12 radiated an aesthetic projected towards the future and nodded to the past--a new car which encompasses the golden age of automobiles yet brings the experience of a F1 on the road, together fusing together class and tradition to the highest modernity design and driving experience.

Delage D12 incarnates the realization of two different periods of time in the automotive history together in just one creation: on one side there is the most modern and futuristic driving experience, on the other hand there’s the unmistakable style of a brand whose roots dive deep into the most glorious tradition of the automotive sector.


The carefully planned presentation created by LSX LLC and Letizia Silvestri also thanks the entertainment courtesy of Fatale Factory, catering by Think! Italian for the LA event, and Lucques Catering for the Orange County event, Ladurée, floral arrangements by Tic-Tock Floral Couture, vintage glassware by Hostess Haven the Au Bar drinks. Attention to the detail, hospitality, and artistic direction created a perfect union for the great celebration of the Delage rebirth.

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