Casa Violetta Sound Bath

Ona peaceful sunny January afternoon in West Hollywood, LSX joined forces with Violetta Group to celebrate their beautiful Casa Violetta ahead of renovations with an afternoon of wellness and relaxation. This was no regular kick-off cocktail party event; champagne was swapped out for kombucha, and loud music was swapped out for a peaceful sound bath facilitated by Altha Healing.

As guests made their entrance (including an adorable dog named Sage), they were cleansed with sacred smoke from palo santo as relaxation music played in the distance. After the attendees journeyed through the home admiring the chic interior design, they stepped out onto the wooden backyard deck. Upon entering the outdoor space, a magical sound bath set-up by Altha Healing complemented the layout of the purple mats with matching purple relaxation blankets. The custom-made purple mats featured a photo of the CEO’s mother’s beautiful violet garden in Italy as violetta means “violet” in Italian. Intricate floral bundles designed by British Vogue’s style director (@denagia) added an incredibly beautiful visual touch. Waiting for each guest on their mat was a personalized gift bag featuring warm socks from Blue & Yellow, CBD supplements from XULA, and a rose quartz healing crystal from House ofIntuition in a charmingly tiny sheer purple bag.

Before sitting down for the sound healing experience, guests stimulated their tastebuds with paleo chocolate bars from Honey Mama’s and delicious fizzy kombucha from Health Ade.

After finishing their health-oriented refreshments, the guests took their spots for the sound bath experience. The sound bath began with an opening meditation to reflect on the past year and set positive intentions for 2022. The guests were led through a series of visualization exercises deigned to help them reflect on all of the many ups and down of 2021 and decide what they wanted to bring into the new year.

Once the meditation had been completed, the Altha sound healers began softly playing hand drums to begin the healing session with hypnotic rhythm. The hand drums were followed by the powerful sound of the gongs which all three healers played simultaneously to clear the subconscious mind. Following the gongs, the relaxing sound of the crystal singing bowls helped to deepen the meditation as fragrant incense burned in the background. Next, the healers played the relaxing Theta Ocean Drum (which mimics the sound of ocean waves) over each guest as rose water spray aided added refreshment and a lovely floral scent to the experience.  The ocean drum was followed by the soothing sounds of the rain stick and Chakapa (an indigenous shaker instrument). To bring guests back down to earth after being in a deep meditation for over an hour, the Altha Healing team lightly played chimes over the attendees which was then followed by a combination of Tibetan bowls and soothing crystal singing bowls. As guests began to awaken, a wide array of candles beautifully lit up the space as the sun set over the horizon. Once guests slowly returned to their breath, they participated in a final meditation to close out the transformative sound healing experience. Once re-integrated back into the candlelit evening, guests continued sipping on kombucha to top off the wellness experience. Attendees left this wellness event with a new sense of deep relaxation and a calming reset for 2022.