Curated Wellness Experiences by LSX

Combining our love for event design and wellness we are able to curate impactful and transformational health-focused experiences that also provide a unique and refined lifestyle component.

Although we at LSX treasure any chance to make an event come to life, we always celebrate any opportunity to assist in celebrating health and wellness. Through combining our love for event design and wellness we are able to curate impactful and transformational health-focused experiences that also provide a unique and refined lifestyle component.

In early June we had the pleasure of curating a one-of-a-kind sound bath experience with Altha Healing at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. This special event consisted of a multi-healer multi-sensorial sound bath that took place on the helipad located on the very top floor of the hotel.

Once guests made their way to the 16th floor and embarked upon the helipad, they were greeted by sprawling 360-degree views of Los Angeles – all the way from the Hollywood Hills to Downtown LA. Complimenting the striking setting was Altha's extensive set-up of instruments – including several gongs, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, hand drums, Theta drums, shakers, rain sticks, chimes and more.

Healing music played in the background as guests made their way to their designated spots adorned with their bespoke gift bags, a fragrance roller from Inara, and a custom sage bundle from Black & Jane. Once settled into their healing spaces, the sound bath began with Altha founder Letizia Silvestri leading a bespoke scent journey with Inara, a neuroscience backed experiential fragrance brand. Inara’s mission is to make meditation more impactful through combining scent & sound (the fastest pathways to alter our emotions) with meditation to improve our mental health. The guests were instructed to roll the Tulum-inspired fragrance on their temples, neck, and hands before rubbing their hands together and breathing slowly into them – all serving to deepen the sound healing experience (stay tuned for more Altha x Inara collaborations). The woody and citrus scent provided a sense of calmness, tranquility, and inner peace as the sound bath began with Altha sound healer Dorothy gracefully playing the flute.

As the sound bath commenced the guests were guided through the signature Altha sound journey - the five healers providing individual healings throughout the session to make the experience as immersive as possible.

As guests returned to their surroundings, the sun had begun to set over Los Angeles and the helipad was covered by a soft, warm, orange glow. Guests took one last inhale into their hands to savor the delicious Inara signature scent while they admired the beautiful golden hour views of LA. Accompanied by a new sense of tranquility and harmony, the guests descended back into their evening carrying their new bespoke Altha gift bags curated by LSX.  

Thank you to our incredible guests and friends Claudia Salinas, Natalie Golba, Max Ehrich, Amit Mehta, Cora Mickael, Clio Olaya, Tiffany Stanley, and Garrett Thomas for attending this unique event and Dorothy Keiper, Joanna Farah, and Brice Le Roux for helping Altha to deepen the healing journey.

We would also love to thank our amazing partners Agni, Anima Mundi Herbals, Apothekary, Authentic Beauty Concept, Black & Jane, Grown Alchemist  Inara, Lure, Palms Social, Sahajan, Vahdam, Terra & Co, and Welly for collaborating with us on this unique experience.

Curating this unique event with the Four Seasons allowed us to not only share the magic of sound healing in collaboration with Altha, but also to create a memorable one-of-a-kind evening for the guests. Taking wellness events to the next level is one of our specialties here at LSX, and we welcome any opportunity to push the boundaries of what a sound bath can be.