Bespoke Malibu Ranch Sound Healing Event

Nestled in the Malibu hills on a beautiful warm and sunny Spring day, an afternoon of healing and relaxation commenced.

In APril of 2022, LSX partnered up with modern sound healing company Altha Healing to produce a truly magical wellness event. Combining our passions for curating bespoke experiences and for wellnes, we were able to create this unique sound healing event that combined relaxation, healing, beauty, and connection.

Nestled in the Malibu hills on a beautiful warm and sunny Spring day, an afternoon of healing and relaxation commenced.

As guests arrived to the beautiful Le Petit Malibu Ranch, they were greeted by the breathtaking panoramic views of the bay with the expansive Pacific Ocean in the background. The clear light blue of the sky almost seemed to melt in perfectly with the hue of the water - both shades providing a distinct contrast to the rolling hills coated with varying shades of green. Upon arrival, guests were cleansed with palo santo to add to scent experience and invited to find their designated healing spot marked by their bespoke Altha gift bag. Settled on top of their matching mat and pillow sets, the custom gift bags included a beautiful skincare set from Aloisia Beauty (provided by Modern Muze), stunning sage bundles by Black + Jane, non-toxic charcoal floss from Terra & Co., fragrant essential oils from Vibrant Blue Oils, warm and sustainable crew socks from Blue&Yellow, and chic minimalist oil cleansers provided by Prim.

As they waited for the sound healing session to begin, the guests sipped on revitalizing Kombucha from Better Booch and chilled, sustainable water from Boxed Water while soaking up the warm Malibu sun. After enjoying their refreshments and exploring the contents of their custom wellness-themed gift bags, the attendees took their spots for the sound healing session. However, this was not going to be any ordinary sound bath. The guests were in for a treat as they were about to experience the first ever signature Altha Hypno-Sound Bath™, a multi-sensorial sound experience combined with the transformative power of therapeutic hypnosis.

The sound bath began by welcoming the guests and introducing the Altha team members – all draped in coordinated white linen outfits. After Letizia (Altha founder and Chief Healing Officer) welcomed the guests, board certified hypnotherapist Brice Le Roux walked them through the basics of hypnosis and the subconscious mind. This explanation was followed by a walkthrough of the different healing instruments facilitated by assistant healer Riley - including hand drums, gongs, singing bowls, rain sticks, ocean drums, and chimes. Guests were then instructed to lay back, relax, and enjoy the healing journey.  

Riley and Brice began to activate the healing space with a melodic drumming series, while Letizia fanned refreshing lavender & sage spray from Pure Essentials & Co with the Chakapa to further cleanse the space. This was followed by the start of the hypnotherapy session led by Brice, which commenced with various color-based visualization exercises that inspired the guests to sink deeper into themselves and allow Brice’s calming voice to fade into the background. As Brice led the guests through an impactful hypnosis session centered around self-esteem, confidence, and building the life of your dreams, Riley & Letizia softly played the shimmering alchemy bowls in the background.

Once the main segment of the hypnosis session had come to an end, Letizia began playing the powerful gong; its dynamic vibrations further clearing the subconscious mind. The alchemy bowls were softly played once again after the completion the gong session, providing a break from the vigorous clearing energy. Next, the water instruments section of the sound bath began to serve as a final “wash”. The soothing sounds of calming rain were provided by the three healers playing various rain sticks while walking around the guests. Following the rain sticks, Theta Ocean Drums supplied a powerful clearing of any remaining negative emotions or energy with the cleansing sound of strong ocean waves. To awaken guests from their deep state of meditation and to cultivate a sense of joy, Riley, Letizia, and Brice then lightly played the Koshi chimes over the attendees. As Brice began to conclude the Hypno-Sound bath by inviting guests to return to their body and gradually reconnect with their surroundings, Riley played the alchemy bowls while Letizia struck the Tibetan bowls.

Once reunited with their gorgeous surroundings and with a beautiful smile on their face, guests continued sipping on Better Booch while being treated to a visit from the ranch’s resident alpacas. After mingling with their new alpaca friends, the guests descended back down the Malibu mountains towards the sparkling ocean water feeling relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.

When collaborating on this event with Altha, our desire was to make the experience - from arrival to departure - as multi sensorial as possible. While sound was of course the main stimulated sense, we made sure that all senses received the proper attention: palo santo, sage, and lavender for smell, soft pillows and cozy alpacas for touch, sprawling Malibu views and color-coordinated healing spaces for sight, and delicious Kombucha for taste.

Among our many supportive guests, in attendance of this private event were our friends at Life Hacks LA, Pierre Abena, Amber Blonigan, Claudia Salinas, Chaz A. Jordan, Simona Sacchitella, Brynn Jornacion, Zulay Henao, Jennifer Elliot, and Camly Nguyen.  


LSX would like to express our deep gratitude to the team at Le Petit Malibu for assisting us in hosting this beautiful afternoon of relaxation and rejuvenation. We would also like to thank our incredible partners from Altha, Modern Muze, Palms Social, Black + Jane, Aloisia Beauty, Terra&Co., Better Booch, Vibrant Blue Oils, Prim, and Blue&Yellow for their collaboration and help in making this unique event possible.